User privacy policy

First, the collection and use of information

1. HeroBandⅡ will require you to provide personal information (including but not limited to you) for the purpose of creating an account, identifying a user, responding to a query, and mail to provide you with services, improving software performance and appearance, recommending new features / new products, etc. (Including but not limited to device information, log information, location information, and other similar feature records), and other information related to you (including but not limited to device information, log information, location information, and other similar feature records).

2. HeroBandⅡ's user experience improvement program is based on the use of data statistics, to diagnose system problems, optimize the product experience plan. We use the data statistics tool to count the data that you generated during the use of the HeroBandⅡ product. We will only accumulate the overall usage data for all users in the User Experience Improvement Program and will not include or upload any content that relates to your personally identifiable information. The above statistics include but are not limited to: application start number, page access number, key button click, setting item configuration attributes and so on. As the follow-up version of the HeroBandⅡ product is upgraded, the scope of our statistics will change and your download / install / use follow-up version of the HeroBandⅡ product will be treated as your consent for the subsequent change.

3. HeroBandⅡ may combine the information you submit through your account with other services from HeroBandⅡ or third-party information to provide you with a better experience and improved HeroBandⅡ's quality of service.

4. HeroBandⅡ's products and services may contain links or information about third-party products and / or services. If you fill in personal information on another platform or submit / publish through a third party program, the party may be informed of your information. The third-party application may have its own privacy policy, please review it carefully and carefully consider it before providing personal information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties to collect information from you, HeroBandⅡ can not control the behavior of third parties, and therefore does not take responsibility for the actions of third parties to collect and use your information.

5. HeroBandⅡ will strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the privacy policy contained in the contents of the collection, use your information. HeroBandⅡ's specific staff will not ask for personal information directly, unless authorized by HeroBandⅡ. In such cases, you can contact HeroBandⅡ directly.

Second, the disclosure of information

1. HeroBandⅡ will keep your information and will not be disclosed unless required by the laws and regulations, government departments, or exceptions to this Privacy Policy.

2. You hereby authorize HeroBandⅡ to disclose your information to third parties without having to obtain your consent in the following circumstances:

1) If HeroBandⅡ discloses that information is necessary to identify, contact or cause action against a person who may harm the rights or property of HeroBandⅡ, the site user or any other person (including any other person's rights and property)

2)HeroBandⅡ provides personal information to affiliated parties of HeroBandⅡ or other companies or individuals with a relationship so that they can represent / assist HeroBandⅡ to process this information. HeroBandⅡ requires the parties to agree to comply with the provisions of HeroBandⅡ, the privacy policy and the relevant laws and regulations to deal with this information.

Third, information security

1. HeroBandⅡ will make reasonable efforts to protect your information, but you should be aware that HeroBandⅡ can not completely avoid the risk associated with personal information security (especially if HeroBandⅡ can not control the situation, such as force majeure or third party reasons) HeroBandⅡ can not make any definitive assurance or commitment to the maintenance or confidentiality of privacy information. If HeroBandⅡ is aware that the data security acquired and stored is compromised or that the non-public information of the user is disclosed to an unrelated third party due to external acts (including but not limited to external security attacks), although there are other disclaimers in this policy, HeroBandⅡ (Including but not limited to internal investigations, reporting and notification to law enforcement agencies, as well as working with law enforcement agencies), will take such reasonable measures as it deems appropriate. At the same time, HeroBandⅡ will, if it thinks fit, take reasonable and reasonable measures to inform the relevant user, informing the information to be disclosed and the extent to which HeroBandⅡ is aware of the information.

2. You should pay attention to protecting your personal information. For example, do not divulge your personal password.

3. HeroBandⅡ will take the necessary means to prevent internal staff from unauthorized access / use / disclosure of your information.

Fourth, the collection and use of information on minors

1. HeroBandⅡ requires minors to use HeroBandⅡ's products or services under the permission and guidance of their legal guardians.

2. If you are a minor, you need to ensure that your legal guardian's consent has been obtained before providing personal information.

Five, Revision of this Privacy Policy

Although this privacy statement describes the standards that HeroBandⅡ follows in protecting privacy, these standards may change. If there is an update, HeroBandⅡ will notify you of the changes and the effective date in the manner that HeroBandⅡ considers appropriate when publishing the revision.